Galerie Mélissa Paul

Bertrand Créach

Bertrand Créac’h was a French sculptor. He studied at l’ École Boulle in Paris and met on his journey the acclaimed artists Étienne Martin, François Stahly and Michel Seuphor who provided him with support in his plastic research. Créac’h aslo trained in Carrara to work marble and a variety of stones.

« My work participates at the same time of the vegetable, the mineral, the fluids, the nature and its rhythms ». While claiming an analogical relationship with nature, Créac’h’s sculptures encompass soberly refined geometic shapes. His approach to proportions testifies to his creative personality and perfect mastery of craftmanship. In wood, stone or bronze, Créac’h sculptures are sensitive and sensory refuges, a grouping of shapes carved into the matter revealing an extreme strength. 

Relentlessly his work is characterized by an increase of vitality resulting from concentration, asymmetries and balance combine with height. Créac’h always strived to explore with the same fervor modest formats and monumental scale in his work.