Galerie Mélissa Paul

At a crossroads between art, design and sculpture, the gallery exhibits the work of contemporary artists who challenge, question and stretch the boundaries of shapes, textures and materials. Offering a glimpse of the voices that are currently redefining contemporary collectible design, the gallery affirms its dedication to championing startling pieces of timeless quality ranging from functional and practical, to sculptural and expressive.

Founded in 2018, the gallery is the brainchild of Mélissa Paul who developed a lifetime passion and knowledge of contemporary art and age-old craft. Starting as an antique dealer in the Paris flea market, her background has enabled her to assemble innovative pieces alongside 20th Century furniture to form what appears at once a refreshing eye and a mindful way of living.

Unifying a group of emerging artists together with established artists, the gallery’s curation is grounded in the interplay aroused by the diversity of practices, materials, periods and aesthetics that are representative of the remarkable richness of craft and design, making the gallery a unique place in Europe open to the world.