Galerie Mélissa Paul

Clotilde Ancarani

Clotilde Ancarani’s sculptural designs express a universal language derived from her observation of nature. 

At a crossroad between furniture and sculpture, her bronze figured objects are intuitively shaped by hand in wax before being molded and casted to simulate the organic suppleness of biologic textures. 

Clotilde Ancarani aims to capture those elements of life and freeze them in bronze. Despite being rendered in rigid material, Ancarani’s pieces exude an enticing levity. The unlikely juxtaposition of material and form celebrates a striking original artistic instinct and wit, while the bronze’s rich tone and varied patinas express a precious fragility.

With a focus on creating sublime pieces of functional and collectible design, the artist merges the art and design works into a seamless whole, resulting in enduring works of beauty that provoke the viewer to examine what functional art can be.