Galerie Mélissa Paul

Dominique Legros

As a young man, Dominique Legros collected fossils, all kinds of insects, caterpillars and butterflies, and like many children, his playground was the meadow behind the house, left fallow and, for an outdated treasure hunt, the fields of stones in the village next door. Time there seemed to pass more slowly than elsewhere. A few years later, he abandoned a teaching career to join Jean and Jacqueline Lerat’s atelier in Bourges and trained as a ceramist at the Beaux Arts in this city.
The scent of stones and plants still filled his imagination and through the magic of the potters’ fire, siliceous creatures came to life in his workshop in Aubinges, near La Borne. Expressing himself through simple gestures, Dominque Legros lets the earth dance with the water by intervening as little as possible, as if to better let it speaks its silent language. These testimonies of a fossilized nature offered to the gaze of the beholder are like an echo of his childhood wanders.