Galerie Mélissa Paul

Morgane Pasqualini

Raised in a small village in the French Alps, Paris-based ceramicist Morgane Pasqualini crafts striking clay vessels inspired by her love of the ancient and natural worlds. 

Largely self-taught, she was trained in throwing techniques by master ceramicist Augusto Tozzola just two and a half years ago and learnt most other techniques – such as coiling and ceramic painting – through experimentation alone. “I made a lot of mistakes, and cracked a lot of handles,” she tells Cabana. 

“To me, pottery is an endless learning curve and I find it very beautiful.” Somewhat surprisingly, given the quality of her work, she does not come from an artistic family, but has always been driven by « the desire to create ». « I come from one of the least populated parts of France, and my family has no connections with art, » she says. « The desire to create has always guided me. This strong feeling really helped me trace my path. »