Galerie Mélissa Paul

Ulrikk Dufossé

For more than ten years, Ulrikk Dufossé has been experimenting abstract sculptures in galvanized wire, mainly exhibited suspended like mobiles. In the tradition of the Japanese-American artist Ruth Asawa who taught her technique for many years, Ulrikk first worked on drawing, a personal writing inspired by the female body, before devoting himself to the realization of his dreamlike images by long hours of knitting. Based on a peasant craftmanship of fish traps, the artist explores a sensitive aesthetic giving free rein to emotion, guided by the spontaneous gesture of the present moment. Ulrikk Dufossé’s sculptures are an example of skillful craftsmanship in a sophisticated design entirely woven by hand comprising by up to one thousand meters of wire. Combining a circular shape and complex volumes, they appear suspended in the air, creating a vivacious and breathtaking visual effect.