Galerie Mélissa Paul

Taylan Aygün

Taylan Aygün (b.1989) is a self taught designer based between Paris and London. His aesthetic research draws inspiration from the sinuous shapes of Art nouveau and traditional craftsmanships of Anatolia.

He conceives a time where an anthropogenic evolution has mutated our flora and fauna, leaving them in an unfamiliar yet recognisable state. Taylan imagines a series of dreamlike botanics which flourish into a new existence whereby conventional laws of physics no longer apply. This new herbaceous surrealism exists in an idealist and colourful virtuality.

For his first attempt to materialise this imaginary garden, Taylan sources back into his Turkish heritage. He has chosen the centuries old craftsmanship of Kilim weaving, working with a small group of Anatolian craftswomen based in Uşak, Türkiye. While the wool is sheared directly from the region, each thread is dyed naturally from the colours obtained by the surrounding botany.

His fictional flora is coded and handwoven into this highly symbolic medium, thereby creating a ritualistic and domestic object.