Galerie Mélissa Paul

William Guillon

William Guillon is a French Designer focused on one-of-a-kind lightings and accessories. His work draws influence from his obsession for unconventional beauty which is reflected by radical and organic creations. His aesthetic is rooted in an innovative exploration of traditional craftsmanship aiming to push the limits of material while maintaining a sense of strange elegance.

Every single piece of work endorsed by William Guillon is handmade in France and most of them are unique or numbered as limited editions. While adopting cast bronze as his favorite material, he uses different types of bronze, including a rare alloy called « white bronze » which is distinguished by its silver color. Since the inception of his studio in 2014, he has been appreciated for several collections of functional sculptures and accessories and has also been working on several bespoke projects

In January 2022, William Guillon is selected among the 100 best French designers promoting French design in the world by the VIA with the selection of FD100. In June 2022, he was awarded the Banque Populaire foundation for arts and crafts.