Galerie Mélissa Paul

Otherwordly Art-Making by Agnès Debizet

This is a journey to a universe that we would not suspect where everything is wonderment and discovery, a separate world shaped by a madwoman exhausing herself by giving life, creating beauty, modeling this interior world like an infinite source. Agnès Debizet is this kind of artist. From her hands spring the earth and her dreams.

The Galerie Mélissa Paul chose the otherworldly landscapes of the salt flats of Le Salin-de-Giraud in Camargue (south of France) to transport the fantastical sculptures of Agnès Debizet. “ After all, her work looks almost like it’s grown out of the earth in surrealist settings,” notes Mélissa Paul.



A number of the pieces selected came from Agnès Debizet’s archive and were chosen for their connotations with the environment, such as the “Crustacé” (“Shellfish”) chair or the totem-like “La Sirène” (“Mermaid”) sculpture, whose form evokes that of a fish tail. Others were created especially for the project. Among them, the trunk-like “Arbre Méduse” (“Jelly Fish Tree”) with its bulbous top and the emblematic, almost extra-terrestrial pink “La Maguelone” column, named after a cathedral to the west of the Camargue.


Turning toward the decorative arts in the early 2010’s, Agnès Debizet’s work can be easily recognized by the recurring “ Entrelacs ” (Interlacing) that twist and turn to form the bodies of sculptures and furniture or the pervasive pores of the “ Morilles ” (Morel) series of lamps, furniture and totems. Debizet’s work is constantly shifting and evolving, blurring the lines between sculpture and furniture.